Something not feel or sound quite right on your bike? We’ve got maintenance tips and tricks to get you rolling smoothly again.



maint920-minute bike clean

Iain Treloar runs you through some quick steps to keep your bike sparkling.

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Brake adjustment: the basics explainedbrakehero

Iain Treloar demonstrates some quick, easy brake adjustments.

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Braking in your bikemaint1

Keeping your brakes in good shape will make you a more confident, and therefore a more capable, rider, explains Stephen Huntley.

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Carbon fibre care and repairmaint2

Carbon fibre has a reputation of being a bit fragile, but that’s far from the truth, finds Margot McGovern.

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Chain reactionmaint3

Get more intimate with your bike chain and you’ll find your riding easier, and a lot cleaner, finds Stephen Huntley.

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Diagnosis 101maint4

What does that rattle mean? How do I know if my chain is haddit? Learn the diagnosis techniques of pro mechanics to understand your bike’s state of health.

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maint5Don’t be left feeling flat

They can be very irritating, but punctures, properly handled, won’t ruin your ride, writes Rowan Lamont.

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maint6Get a grip

12 steps for wrapping your handlebars

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Headset adjustmentmaint8

Adjusting your headset is a simple procedure that will help your braking and potentially save you money, writes Stephen Huntley.

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