Brew2Brew moves Perth


Michael Haynes reports on a grassroots, bike-powered movement to stimulate cycling in Perth.

Picking up on the concept of a previous ride, Brew2Brew, which started with coffee and ended with beer, urban planner Giles Graham initiated Brew2Brew 2.

He was inspired by his experience at VeloCity Global 2016 and designed a ride from Northbridge to Fremantle. Taking in high quality shared paths, foreshore routes, beautiful vistas of the Swan River and the Indian Ocean, the route took in some of the best riding Perth has to offer.

Videographer Karina Casten was along to catch the action.

Brew2Brew from Karina Castan on Vimeo.

Brew2Brew 2 was an incredible experience, a view of just a few of the beautiful wonders Perth has to offer from the freedom and independence of the bicycle. To some, it was an opportunity to make new friends, others, a fun and coordinated way to spend the beautiful Saturday. However, all the B2B2 crew would attest that there would be few alternatives to the amount of fun that was had, few better locations to visit and few better people to spend the day with.

Brew2Brew has consolidated itself onto the recreational cycling calendar, with a distinct sense that future happenings will be grander, more exciting, and another notch toward developing a critical mass of people on bikes in Perth.

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