Review: Reid Vice 3.0

Euan Pennington puts a budget-friendly fun machine to the test. Plus bikes are the latest in off-road cycling developments, offering wider rims and bigger tyres than a standard mountain bike. Simplistically, they aim for the grip and capability of a ...

Locks test 2016

Simon Vincett talks smart bike security and then takes the tools to the best bike locks to find just how much protection they really offer. Like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the security of your bike is only as good as the best oppo...

Gain a core advantage

‘Core strength’ has been a fitness buzzword for a number of decades now – Tammy Curtis clears up the confusion of what it actually means. Do you ever notice some cyclists just make riding look easy? Their pedal stroke is smooth, balanced, almos...
Riding-together Tour d'Afrique

The world’s greatest bike adventures

Have you got a bucket list of bike adventures? Simon Vincett compiled this haphazard collection of rides that have wheedled their way into his daydreams.  Like the best daydreams, these ride suggestions are not constrained by issues of access, log...

Riese & Müller Load review

More than a century after the box bike was first conceived, what improvements can still be made? Riese & Müller find innovations, discovers Simon Vincett. The car manufacturer Audi may have nabbed the term already but “Vorsprung durch Technik...