Under the weather

As winter hits, Iain Treloar guides you through the gear to keep your extremities functioning. When the chill of winter bites, it’s your extremities that feel it first—and worst. On the bike, cold lifeless fingers can dangerously hamper your abil...
Photo by Cycle Atlas

Profile: Alison McCormack

From pedaling primary schooler to passionate roadie and racer, Alison McCormack tells Melissa Heagney why she’s working to get more women riding. Name Alison McCormack Age 41 Member of Team Bicycle Network and St Kilda Cycling Club Job Head of Comm...

Bike review: Focus Mares AX 1.0

Iain Treloar grapples with the weight of expectation with this German cyclocross weapon. There are some bikes that leave an impression, and perhaps the most indelible for me was the mark left by an orange and red cyclocross bike from Focus a couple o...

Explore the foreshore

Peter Thurling takes the family for a spin on Hobart’s new Clarence Foreshore Trail. The ship the Beagle carried naturalist Charles Darwin to Hobart in 1836. While in town he explored the eastern shore of the Derwent as a likely location to discove...

Top risks to riders

  There are many confident riders who have the knack of identifying the risks on the roads, and who have developed good riding practices to manage the uncertainty that shadows every vulnerable road user. But are riders totally responsible for th...