Reflecting rides

Margot McGovern and Iain Treloar investigate the best options to help you be seen in reflective gear.   As summer days darken to invite in the winter weather, riders spend more time pedalling in the dark or low light conditions and need to light...
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In review: Jaggad Milk Bar kit

Iain Treloar reviews a classy and high-performing road kit from a local crew.   Melbourne sportswear brand Jaggad has been through a few evolutions over the years, but they’re now really hitting their stride with a clean aesthetic and a premiu...

Ride On digest

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday. Local news Devilish detour for Melbourne’s Main Yarra Trail users The Yarra Trail in South Yarra is set for improvements as the City of Stonnington moves onto s...

My foam friend

For fast recovery for stiff, sore muscles and a quick return to top riding condition, you need to get on a roll. Simon Vincett takes you through a full foam roller routine. Photography by Thomas Joynt.  Without the benefit of a masseur like the ones...
31  Strawberry Hil

Bike review: Whyte Strawberry Hill

Margot McGovern finds a commuter that strikes a perfect balance between practicality and style.  When it comes to women’s commuters, most bikes fall into one of two general categories: pretty, vintage-style steeds designed to take in the w...