Bianchi Specialissima

Just how good is the best? Iain Treloar puts a jaw-­dropping superbike to the test. Lighter, faster, smoother—it’s long been the mantra of road bike marketing, the core to the justification for extravagant and expensive machines. It’s easy to ...

Around the Bay – Ride for a Child Need 2015

More than 10,000 cyclists of all ages and abilities challenged themselves today in Australia’s biggest bike ride, Around the Bay – Ride for a Child in Need. Circumnavigating Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay on rides ranging from 20 to 250 kilometre...

Room for change

Bart Sbeghen reports on the growing phenomenon of premium end-of-trip facilities in some of the nation’s most progressive commercial buildings and offices. Photos: Karl Hilzinger, Hormuzd Khodaiji. The phenomenon may not be obvious to most people, ...

Riding and rowing for a child in need

Michael Hobbs meets a member of the Pirates Sporting Club, who have something special planned for Around the Bay. The sport of rowing conjures up images of private school privilege and exclusivity. But stereotypes don’t always hold—not for th...
Voigt Ennevelin (C) Radu Razvan

Light on Voigt

The affable uber-domestique, Jens Voigt, who suffered nobly in the service of so many team leaders, is coming to centre stage in Australia. Ahead of the upcoming The Tour on Stage, he told Ride On of the highlights and insights of his long career. RO...