Island idyll

Away from the beaten tourist-track, Sulawesi offers mountainous terrain, lush foliage and all the ingredients for an amazing cycling trip. Colin Freestone shares his experiences gained from 15 years exploring the island. Sulawesi, that spidery, mount...

Super Moon – Super Crew

Giles Graham reports on Bike Jam’s latest full moon ride. Herman Ragan created the group ‘Bike Jam’ and has been organising monthly full moon rides for the last six years. This month’s ‘super moon’ and 37-degree start-to-the-Perth-summer...

Review: Proviz Switch Jacket

Extremely visible, but a bit hot and heavy. Review by Peter Foot The first thing I noticed about the jacket is how insanely reflective it is. Even in daylight it shimmers like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, and at night it lights you up like a ...

Blood, Brains and Bikes

Giles Graham and Michael Haynes report on ‘Bloody Cyclists’ taking to the streets to raise money for neurological research. With Halloween as inspiration, Jason Fisk took the opportunity to bathe in blood and gore and raise some money for The Bra...

Review: Reid Vantage Comp Carbon Race 1.0

Stu Moysey tries this carbon racer targeted at the budget savvy roadie who doesn’t want to compromise on performance.  Reid Cycles have undergone something of a renaissance over the past year, slowly shedding their perception as a budget brand wi...