Towards 50/50

Bicycle Network has moved on equalising participation in bike riding with an initiative specifically for women. Sarah Down reports. At present, only one-in-three of Australia’s bike riders are women. This proportion is even less across Australia’...
Contemplating the magical scenery at 4,000m elevation near Karakol Lake, Tajikistan

World tour with baby

Travelling anywhere with children can be a challenge, let alone 15,000km, by bike, with a five-month-old baby. Céline Pasche shares the highlights from her family’s bike riding adventure of a lifetime. Words by Céline Pasche. Photography by Xavie...

Handcycles and hills

Hayden Thomson hears from two riders who proved—by handcycling through Laos— that disability doesn’t limit your ability to take on a challenge and inspire. After training for six months, Alex Gale‐Grime was well and truly prepared for the lon...

A different level of normal

The Dutch spend five to six times as much on a new bike compared to Australians reported Bicycling Trade magazine in November. Ride On spoke to shops selling Dutch-style bikes in Australia for comparison. The average Dutch outlay for a new bike is no...

Townsville Trails

Often overlooked, Townsville has much to offer the off­-road rider, Sarah Down reveals. When it comes to holiday destinations, Queensland’s far-­north city of Townsville tends to be overshadowed by its more tourism-­focussed neighbour, Cairns. ...