Penny Farthing Dan

Euan Pennington explains how to buy a modern vintage bike. Melbourne is a cycling city; there’s a vibrant MTB culture, roadies cruise the hinterland willy-nilly, and the urban centre plays host to town bikes, cargo bikes and hipsters on fixies. Les...

Reservoir Road

Iain Treloar reflects on a lifetime spent riding up the same hill.  Up at the reservoir, the golden hills roll down to the sea. The air is hot and arid, and other than the distant howl of a truck’s engine brakes as it descends the Main South Road,...

Review: J.Guillem Orient

Iain Treloar finds perfection in the imperfection of this titanium road bike. Some bikes are coldly logical perfection, a flawless frame married to a faultless spec. On these bikes, you don’t have to work to appreciate them – they lay their cards...

The Kenyan Connection

Tom McQuillan chats to Team Kenyan Riders Downunder assistant directeur sportif Simon Blake and team founder Nick Leong about this unique pro cycling team. Among all the teams on the Australian and Asian domestic racing circuits, there are perhaps ...

Brew2Brew moves Perth

Michael Haynes reports on a grassroots, bike-powered movement to stimulate cycling in Perth. Picking up on the concept of a previous ride, Brew2Brew, which started with coffee and ended with beer, urban planner Giles Graham initiated Brew2Brew 2. H...