Keeping it in the family

There are many great reasons to ride together as a family. Nicola Rutzou looks at ways to encourage parents and children to get on two wheels and active. Family life is often frantic and fraught, so it’s important to take time out to spend together...

Health Check: do you need to stretch before and after exercise?

Many people stretch when they exercise or play sport. Others don’t stretch but feel they should. And some people don’t see any reason to stretch at all. Rob Herbert, Neuroscience Research Australia The reasons for stretching are diverse. Most peo...

Spring into shape

Whether winter had you hibernating or injury kept you sidelined, Harriet Edmund asks the experts for their top tips to help you back on the bike. There’s no greater feeling than when the sun starts shining after a long winter. Fair weather rider or...

How to turn right

Do you use a hook turn to turn right? It’s a great risk-reduction tool for riders, Simon Vincett explains. Moving to the middle of the road to turn right is a nerve-wracking situation for many bike riders but fortunately it can be mostly avoided. T...

Burmese Days

Nat Earl launches into cycle touring with a comprehensive exploration of exotic Myanmar. In 2015 there are not many places in that have retained the aura that Myanmar has. Dotted with temples, one of the largest networks of rivers in the world, a mo...