Into the heart of Australia

From the city to the deep outback, the Mawson Trail is a unique Australian bike ride. Leon Hill makes the tough journey on the Outback Odyssey event. There are some experiences that are unmistakably Australian—climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, ga...

Leg strength workout

Personal trainer and enthusiastic cyclist Tammy Curtis knows precisely how to power up your legs for maximum performance. If you want to gain an advantage over the peloton, set some new PBs on Strava or pass your mates up a climb like they’re stand...

Comparative test: Giro Empire ACC vs. Giro Empire SLX

Laces are back in vogue. Iain Treloar takes a look at two of the most popular laced road cycling shoes on the market, both from Giro. In the world of cycling shoes, there are few models that have caused a bigger stir than the lace-up Giro Empires, fi...

The Old Beechy

With a deadline for dinner drawing them on, Peter Foot recounts a beguiling journey through a surprising landscape. Mouldy carpet and body spray. I pull open the door and it hits me—full-bodied, tangy, evocative. It is the smell of the end carriage...

How to overtake obstacles

Whether it’s road works, parked cars or a hazard, you will sometimes need to overtake something that’s in the way of where you would like to ride. Simon Vincett explains how it’s done, with illustrations by Karl Hilzinger. Life is often littere...