A city thrives on connectedness but access all hours makes privacy a problem

Stephan Winter, University of Melbourne and Christopher Leckie, University of Melbourne Cities are complex systems, some may even say messy systems. Many independent and concurrent decisions shape the experience, form and opportunities in a city. And...
Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong in The Program

The Program: review

The tale of Lance Armstrong’s rise and fall has been extensively documented. Now there’s a movie, and here’s Iain Treloar’s verdict. Lance Armstrong, for a time there, was one of the most revered athletes in the world, but his fall from grace...

Berms through the bush

Tasmania has attracted adventurers from around the world for decades with its particular blend of wilderness and rugged beauty. Now the time has come for mountain bikers to get in on the natural spoils. Ben Clark takes us on a test ride through the n...
Most riders can take on a challenge, but few take on the epic ones. Pushing themselves to the limits of their cycling ability. In 2010 our first riders took on the peaks in Victoria's rugged High Country. Riders were pushed to their limits and beyond, but still rose to the challenge. The legend of the series was born. It's not a race – it's much more than that. It's the ultimate personal challenge.

Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain 2015 recap

On Sunday 1 November, 550 riders took part in Bicycle Network’s first Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain. Iain Treloar recaps the third ride in the Peaks Challenge series for 2015.  Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain is not just one ride. It’s hun...

Mastering the links

Iain Treloar runs you through the process of breaking, sizing and fitting a bicycle chain. Chains are beautiful in the simplicity of their function, but surprisingly complex in their construction. Each link consists of a matching pair of outer and in...