Breaking point

Iain Treloar tackles Taiwan’s—and maybe the world’s—toughest climb. It comes back to me like a fever-dream, half-remembered glimpses of an experience surreal and intense. It goes like this: we’re a motley crew of cycling media and pro cycli...

Review: SABS anti-lock braking system

Iain Treloar slams the brakes on and investigates ABS braking for bikes. It’s rare that we come across something completely unique, but SABS’ anti-lock braking system for bikes gave us one of those moments. Developed over a number of years and wi...

Beating ITB Syndrome

The Illiotibial Band is a vital part of the leg but troublesome—unless you take care of it. Simon Vincett and Andrew Pell show you how. Many bike riders will be familiar with pain in the outside of the knee. This is most likely ‘ITB syndrome’ o...

I can’t sell a member of the family

Cory Boardman’s personal struggle with cycle separation spawned a smart solution. It’s been a part of my life for over 23 years. I spied it in the Cash Converters on Puckle Street during my lunch break. It was there again the next week, a...

Bike review: Urban Arrow Family

With Dutch smarts, this electric motor assisted cargo bike delivers the goods for a household. Simon Vincett test rides. The grocery shop seems an unlikely occasion for an enjoyable cycling experience but this is the bike to make this mundane chore a...