Ride2Work Melbourne

Bike commuting 101

Riding to work is easy and not to mention fun. With National Ride2Work Day around the corner, there’s no better time to experience it for yourself with help from our simple checklist.  Sick of sitting on a humid, overcrowded, peak-hour train?...

How to measure stack and reach

Bicycle sizing is, to the uninitiated, a confusing blur of figures and angles. Iain Treloar shows you how to make sense of it all. What any bike rider seeks is the moment where the bike disappears—where any niggles evaporate into the ether, where b...

Review: DataDot DNA bicycle kit

$49.95 For the owner, the theft of a bike is a distressing, often expensive and inconvenient experience—a reality that may well have been behind DataDot’s decision to expand their inventory into the bicycle market. DataDot was first developed 15 ...

Wrong side of the Track

Getting caught in a flood was the last thing Peter Foot expected when he cycled South Australia’s Oodnadatta Track. The man is regarding us as if we are slightly deranged. “You’re mad,” he says flatly, as if it were an unequiv...

The gamification of indoor training

Indoor trainers may be loathed by many, but the latest technology makes them not just efficient, but fun as well. Lee Rodgers explains. The INDOOR TRAINER! First developed by Grand Inquisitor Torquemada in 1484 as an instrument of torture to force th...