The gamification of indoor training

Indoor trainers may be loathed by many, but the latest technology makes them not just efficient, but fun as well. Lee Rodgers explains. The INDOOR TRAINER! First developed by Grand Inquisitor Torquemada in 1484 as an instrument of torture to force th...
Paralympic womens track cycling

Going for gold

Alexander Miller assesses Australia’s chances for a green and gold rush in the cycling events of the 31st Olympiad. While August often means quiet nights at home in front of the heater with rain pelting down outside, this year we will get a couple ...

Review: Reid Granite

Stu Moysey puts an adventurous road bike from a local brand to the test.  Photos: Paul Walker / Reid Since their humble 2009 beginnings, Reid has become a household name in Australian cycling—not always for the wrong reason. However, over the last...

Road positioning for bike riders

Like your body language says as much as your words in a conversation, your riding language —where you ride on the road—tells others what you’re doing. Simon Vincett suggests strategies for communicating to the traffic. Whether you are blessed w...

Apidura bikepacking bags review

Road Frame Pack $150–$175 Top Tube Pack $65–$90 ‘Bikepacking’ is a new thing. Or rather, it’s a new name for a thing that people have been doing as long as bikes have been used for transport. It’s the current term for strapping your lugga...