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How to: clean your cassette and chain

Iain Treloar demonstrates how to keep your drivetrain clean and crud free.  Prevention is better than a cure, and the best way to reduce the amount of wear on your drivetrain is by keeping it clean. There are a couple of tools required for this, ...
first look

First look

Iain Treloar takes a look at what’s new in the world of bike gear and accessories.    Clif Shot Bloks There’s often something just a little bit artificial tasting about cycling foods, but the appetising Clif range is a rare exception to...
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Ride On digest

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday. Local news Multi-million dollar bike parking facilities lure big businesses to Sydney CBD Sydney office towers are cutting down on car parking and investing in multi-mi...
Photo by Karl Hilzinger

Top 150 bike lights 2015

What price your lights? In our tenth annual test of bike lights, we recall the past, look to the future but most importantly put the current crop through their paces. Simon Vincett reports. Ten years ago Ride On began testing bike lights to provide ...

Reflecting rides

Margot McGovern and Iain Treloar investigate the best options to help you be seen in reflective gear.   As summer days darken to invite in the winter weather, riders spend more time pedalling in the dark or low light conditions and need to light...