RACV Great Vic Day 6: rest day in Mansfield


Great Vic day 6


After a tough day yesterday – emotionally and physically – it was good to take a day of rest on the 2014 RACV Great Vic. Yesterday was the sort of day we dread, when we lost a rider in a fatal collision. We didn’t have the heart to post about the day; Bicycle Network instead put out a statement speaking of the grief felt by the organisation and riders.

After an evening of reflection including a special memorial service, today was a day of recuperation for the RACV Great Vic riders at this halfway mark in the ride. Many took the opportunity to tune their bikes but many more chose to take a swim in the local pool to ward off the high-noon heat. Mansfield has provided an ideal venue for refreshment, whether that’s by gazing at the mountain views while lying under a tree or grazing the local produce at the main-street cafes. The town is decorated with bikes and signs welcoming RACV Great Vic riders, marquees and activities line the middle of main street and business of all kinds did a roaring trade. 

Tonight we learn what will be the route for the 2015 Great Vic. Stay tuned to www.greatvic.com.au for details.

When we ride tomorrow to Alexandra, riders might seem especially friendly. The reason is that they’ll be waving in memory of Trevor Pearce, our fellow rider killed on Wednesday. Mr Pearce was well known for waving to fellow riders: Bicycle Network has more.

Tomorrow, we are also joined by ORICA GreenEDGE rider and RACV Great Vic ambassador Simon Clarke who will join Northcote High School as they make the 61km journey to Alexandra.

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