RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride – Final day, Castlemaine to Bendigo


How good does it feel to complete a 533km ride over nine days? It feels pretty good, as you can see. And why not, riders have overcome an enormous challenge through persistent pedalling, supported all the way by the Great Vic community.

GVBR finishers-1There may be some soreness in places we might not want to mention, there might have been some brain-meltingly hot afternoons and more than enough dust, but there were also great laughs with mates, new vistas around every corner, communities reaching out in welcome and more than a few moments of sublime pedalling.

Riders set off early for today’s 58km back to Bendigo, again trying to beat the peak of the day’s 37-degree forecast temperature. Thankfully cloud cover moderated the bite of the sun and the route was predominantly downhill.

GVBR finishers-2

But the focus of the day was to pass under that finishing gantry and claim the achievement of completing the iconic journey that is the Great Vic. Teammates, reunited families and new-found friends hugged, high-fived and recapped on nine days that seem like so much more.

For those riders who are keen to experience the best of both worlds on next year’s RACV Great Vic, we have a special deal for you. Call Bicycle Network on 1800 639 634 before 5pm Monday 7 December to register for the 2016 ride: Halls Gap to Geelong via the Great Ocean Road. Those 2015 Great Vic riders who do will receive a special pack including a tote bag, lights, tyre levers and a hand pump available only to them.

Photos on this page by Vinnie Lum, photoluminessence.com

View all of Bicycle Network’s photos of the ride on Flickr

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