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Local news

April–May Ride On hits the shelves

Looking for some great reading material over the long weekend? Inside the April–May issue of Ride On we reveal the results from the 2015 lights test, seek Australia’s top 25 scenic rides, investigate strict liability and find reflective gear for riders. There’s also our regular mix of reviews, rides, tech, news and more.

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Boulie tacks: one year on

For the past year riders using Melbourne’s popular Yarra Boulevard have suffered many a  puncture from tacks deliberately scattered across the road. Matt de Neef of Cycling Tips investigates what’s being done to stop the scourge.

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Budget beckons for bikes

With less than two months until the Victorian Government announces its first budget, Bicycle Network has been hard at work ensuring bike riders get the best deal possible. Over the past two months the Government and External Relations team have met with Ministers and Government departments to ensure that Bicycle Network’s budget wish list is forefront in decision makers minds amidst the competitive environment of the budget process.

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International news

Volvo releases spray on lightlarge_Volvo_life_paint_thumb

In an effort to boost the visibility of vulnerable road users, Volvo has launched LifePaint, a reflective paint for riders to spray on their bikes, helmets and clothes to make them easier to spot at night. The paint is temporary, lasting about one week, and invisible in daylight. LifePaint is currently being trialled in London, and if well received, will be rolled out internationally.

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McDonald’s rolls out drive through for bikes

As part of its #imlovinit24 campaign, McDonalds has launched McBike: a bike-only pop up drive through, complete with bike-friendly take away containers for your meal. Unfortunately for fast food fans, this one’s available for a limited time only in Denmark.

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Food for thoughthot cross bun

This Sunday is the one day of the year when it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, but before you feast on hot cross buns and Easter eggs, take a look at the health benefits and deficits of each.

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Cher the road

A hump day treat with extra cheese: this ‘share the road’ clip is so bad it’s good.

Upcoming events


dotdotdot 3–6 April Bike SA Burra Easter Cycle Burra, SA
dotdotdot 9–12 April   Jayco Adelaide Tour Adelaide, SA
dotdotdot 12 April Wombat 100 MTB Marathon Woodend, VIC
dotdotdot 12 April Paris – Roubaix France

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