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Local news

Devilish detour for Melbourne’s Main Yarra Trail users

The Yarra Trail in South Yarra is set for improvements as the City of Stonnington moves onto stage three of its Yarra River Biodiversity Linkages Project, but riders should expect a detour to be in place for the next two and a half months.

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Chaotic planning for Castlereagh Street

Newly available government documents show that planning for the proposed Castlereagh Street bike lane through central Sydney is beset with chaos and confusion as transport bureaucrats and consultants try in vain to design a “part-time” bike lane.

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Sydney among world’s most congested cities

The TomTom Traffic Index, which measures and ranks congestion in cities globally has named Sydney as the world’s 21st most congested city, with a congestion score of 35% overall and 66% during the evening peak. Congestion scores measure how much extra time a trip actually takes compared to how long it would take in free-flowing traffic. It is estimated that Sydney’s car commuters spend an average of four days a year stuck in traffic.

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International news

Strava logo 2015Strava rewards riders

US riders are being encouraged to spend more time in the saddle with a new program offering them $1 for every hour they log on Strava to spend at CompetitiveCyclist.com, with the ability to earn a maximum $40 each month. Of the program Strava vice president of strategy and business development, David Lorsch, said: “Strava at its core is about motivating athletes. Our partnership with Competitive Cyclist leverages our platform and rewards activity with the types of perks to keep athletes more active.”

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Study finds older adults a path back to riding

In an effort to keep people pedalling through later life, a new Danish study surveyed more than 4000 men and women over 50 and found that health issues and feeling insecure in traffic were the biggest barriers to riding, while a ‘secure traffic environment’ and ebikes were the most likely ways to get this age group on their bikes and keep them in the saddle.

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The story behind ‘ghost bikes’

Ghost bikes originated on the streets of new York and now haunt more than 200 cities worldwide. Co-creator of the first ghost bike, Jessie Gray Singer, shares the history of these roadside memorials and and how they came to be.

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stressRide away from stress

A UK study has found that two leading causes of everyday stress are ‘being stuck in traffic when late’ and ‘having nowhere to park’. Sounds like two more reasons to ride your bike!

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Riding for the future

One man describes his journey to join the Rwanda cycling team and help his family and country move towards a brighter future.

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