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‘Get directions’ to ride from Google Maps Australia

There’ll be no more longing glances at that little bike icon in Google maps, as the app launched this week in Australia. While great news for lost riders tackling unfamiliar terrain all over the country, it’s too soon to throw away the paper maps as the routes it currently suggests are often out of the way, not bike-friendly and in some cases, even illegal.

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 Sydney bike plan gets a flat

Following a gushing review of Sydney’s bike infrastructure in The Guardian, Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s utopian dream of a car-free CBD and an extensive bike path network has been dealt a crushing blow, with Transport for NSW boss Les Wielinga introducing more bureaucratic red tape to make the process of approval for more bike infrastructure arduous.

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How bike-friendly are Brisbane’s streets?

Does the current bike infrastructure work? Where are the  black spots and what more is needed to improve city riding conditions?

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Were there really more children riding to school back in the day?

There’s a stereotypical belief that the good old days were a golden era when almost every kid rode a bike or walked to school, whereas today they’re largely driven by parents. But close analysis of the data shows that the gap between the number of children riding now and in the past might not be as big as we’ve been led to believe.

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Get moving and stop the obesity epidemic

This frightening infographic  highlights the rise of one of Australia’s chief health concerns. Higher levels of daily exercise combined with better urban design are needed to slow the nation’s growing obesity crisis.

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Pic: Cycling Tips

Crushing blow for Cadel

While the Aussie champ is mentally tough and a mountain climbing machine, his performance in Stage 11 of the Tour has set him way back in the race for the malliot jaune.

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Canadian injury study compares separated and integrated bike lanes

Many non-riders claim fear of injury and traffic keeps them from riding and figures show that more separated bike lanes are key to reducing injury rates and encouraging more people to go bike.

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Word on the street

For many the term ‘cyclist’ evokes sweaty Lycra and hard-core carbon fibre – and that’s not how many riders roll. Fortunately a New Zealand blogger has come up with a more every-day-rider-friendly term.

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Pic: Reve.cc

Living le reve 

The six women who make up Team Reve are gaining momentum and spirit with every every mountain they master as they ride the Tour a day ahead of the main race.

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