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Local news

frome st partyStreet party

Hundreds of bike riders, including Olympic gold medallist Anna Meares, gathered in Adelaide CBD this morning to celebrate the opening of the first section of the Frome Street separated bikeway with a breakfast provided by Adelaide City Council. The bikeway is a key in providing a north-south bike corridor through the city. However, plans to complete the bikeway continue to meet with opposition from some groups.

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Sydney joins separation celebration

Adelaide isn’t the only city building new separated bikeways. The City of Sydney is including a Cophenhagen-style lane on Campbell Street. The lane is part of a larger upgrade to Campbell and Hunt streets which is designed to make the roads friendlier to all users and will include wider footpaths, zebra crossings and traffic calming measures.

Something on the budget?

Lower health premiums for riders?

Physically active bike riders could be rewarded with lower health cover premiums under proposals from the Federal Government’s Commission of Audit.

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International news

vos da bossVos is boss

Dutch cyclist Marianne Vos has been crowned victor of the inaugural Friends Life Women’s Tour in Europe this week. The Tour is an important step forward in raising the profile of women’s pro cycling and was warmly received, drawing large crowds and well-deserved media attention (which is often not the case for women’s races). Check out the full race results here.

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Would you drive less for a dream ride?

A new Swedish program, called Test Cyclists has given five families from each of seven municipalities the bike of their dreams to see whether it encourages them to drive less. The families received advice on choosing a bike to suit their needs and committed to riding instead of driving at least three days per week. When the trial ends in October the families will be surveyed about their experience and  undergo medical exams to measure improvements in health and fitness.

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Near-explosive start to Giro d’Italia

Twenty-two kilograms of explosives were deactivated and seized in Dublin the night before one of Europe’s biggest cycling races, the Giro d’Italia, passed through the following day and drew thousands of spectators to the streets. The bomb was found in a vehicle in a hotel car park and police have arrested a man believed to be affiliated with the Real IRA, a faction of the Provisional IRA.

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Seven tips to boost your willpower

Whether you’re struggling to get out of bed and onto the bike, or suffering up a big climb, these seven tips might help you find the willpower you need.

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Visiting the local shops: The Netherlands vs Australia

Even something as simple as grocery shopping is a different experience in cities with strong bike culture and infrastructure.

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Upcoming events

dotdotdot 15 May Recycle your bicycle (Bikes for Refugees Program)  Wyndham Park Community Shed, VIC
dotdotdot 16 – 25 May   High Country Harvest High Country, VIC
dotdotdot 18 May   Bicy Gals 30km loop ride Brisbane, QLD
dotdotdot 18 – 31 May Velo-fringe Cycling Festival Adelaide, SA


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  1. How’s this for an idea: Instead of Lower health premiums for riders? how about putting that money to free bike registration to keep those ‘anti cycle’ members of society happy and advertise the fact that we cyclists contribute to society in a Healthy, Positive way.

    Charlie Cortis

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