Anatomy of a bike

A visual glossary of the major bike components.

Layout by Spike Creative

Layout by Spike Creative

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One thought on “1”

  1. Great diagram! Definite props for use of “freehub” rather than “freewheel”.

    Only a few things unlabelled: bottom bracket*, skewers, headset, steerer tube*, bidon cage*, bar tape, stack spacers, rear hub*, wheel axles*, crank spindle*, housing caps, faceplate, bar end caps, cassette lockring, steerer cap, star nut*, crown race*, crank spider, pedal spindle, crank arm (mislabelled as “crank”), fork crown*, spoke nipple, brake track, crimp caps, front derailleur cage, downtube adjusters, front derailleur clamp.

    Also, not all tyres have tubes in … UST is popular in MTB and road tubeless is on the rise.

    * item either obscured or not pictured.

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