Bosch ebikes now fully supported in Australia


A new service centre provides domestic servicing of Bosch ebike systems. Simon Vincett reports.

International electrical equipment manufacturer Bosch, has established a centre in Sydney to service their ebike motors and electrical systems in Australia. It is a move that promises increased confidence in Bosch ebikes for customers and the bike industry.

Bosch-equipped ebikes have been sold in Australia since 2014 but until now any warranty claims or servicing of the motor and electrical system had to be done by Bosch off-shore.

Cameron Burke is the newly appointed Regional Technical Manager for Bosch in Australia. He is responsible for training the Sydney centre—incorporated within the retailer/wholesaler, Eurocycles—in servicing and the Australian bike industry in selling Bosch-equipped bikes.

Burke told Ride On, “There are no other specific service centres for ebikes in Australia.”

While this will change very shortly with Shimano slated to establish a similar support service in Australia for its Steps ebike system, the move by Bosch consolidates its already predominant position as the premier ebike system in Australia.

Ride On spoke to Burke at a demo day for Bosch-equipped Corratec ebikes at Reid Cycles in Melbourne and filed the following video report.

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