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Iain Treloar takes a look at what’s new in the world of bike gear and accessories. 



Clif Shot Bloks

There’s often something just a little bit artificial tasting about cycling foods, but the appetising Clif range is a rare exception to this rule, making them my pick for best sports energy products on the market. With a substantial range including natural-tasting bars and gels (the chocolate and double espresso in the latter are particularly good), the brand’s Shot Bloks are something a bit different. They’re both cleaner and easier to use on the go than gels, and provide a critical burst of energy during exercise (especially the caffeinated flavours).

$2.99 (bars and gels), $5.99 (shot bloks)


first look shorts


Creux Urban Enduro Short

Not every ride needs lycra, and Melbourne apparel manufacturer Creux are here with another stylish bit of kit to to reinforce this fact. The Urban Enduro Shorts have a built-in chamois, water- and dirt-resistant fabric and are designed with the brand’s usual attention to detail.




Tandem NY Skirtweight

A simple but clever design, the Tandem NY Skirtweight clips onto the hem of a skirt or dress to prevent it being caught by the wind whilst riding. It’s a simple, discreet design that quietly gets on with its job of protecting your modesty.



Sweathawg Skullcap__87525.1418432626.1280.1280

SweatHawg Shorty Skullcap

Heavily-perspiring riders will be used to stinging eyes and salty splatters all over their top-tubes and sunglasses. But it doesn’t have to be that way. US manufacturer, SweatHawg, produce a range of products designed to stop the flow of sweat in its tracks. Worn under the helmet, their shorty skullcap unobtrusively absorbs perspiration from the head. The fabric of the forehead band is extremely absorbent—slurping up a claimed 10 times its weight.



Wheel Life

Wheel Life by Ben Schofield

Australian cycling has a long proud history, and the tales of yesteryear are of enduring interest. Ben Schofield’s book chronicles the 1950s and 60s, drawing on significant primary research and numerous interviews with hallowed figures including John Beasley, Angelo Catalano and Ian Browne, telling a story of a fascinating period in Australia’s sporting past.

$39.99 inc postage

To order: [email protected]


717019 Beet It Sport Shots 15x70ml

Beet It Pro-Elite Sport Shot

Beetroot is rich in dietary nitrate, which theoretically enhances the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, improving sporting performance for a few hours after consumption. Beet It, one of the more readily available brands of beetroot juice, now offer their products in a concentrated form, providing 400mg of nitrate. Given beetroot juice’s somewhat acquired taste, this is an improved serving format.

$2.99 (70ml)

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