Quad Lock Bike Kit


$69.95 iPhone, $59.95 Galaxy, $39.95 other

It’s hard to go past Quad Lock for mounting your smart phone on your handlebars. Minutes after receiving the package I had it installed on my bike—very satisfying. Also satisfying was that it worked just as easily and securely as I expected.

The Bike Kit provides a case for the phone type you specify, a mount that fits either the stem or handlebars, and a rain cover. Kits are available for iPhone 6, 5 and 4 versions, and Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4. But there are also universal mounts for other devices including a GoPro.

You can choose to have it easily removable by installing the mount using the O-­rings provided or make it more secure by using the cable ties to attach. In having it removeable, you can switch the mount quickly between bikes. But if you want to have the mount secure on each bike, you can buy extra mounts separately. For minimal interference with handlebar space there’s the out-
front mount option too.

The case is low profile, open at the screen with just slight protrusion at the back for the locking interface with the mount. Of course, the camera and flash, charging and earphone sockets and microphone pickups remain uncovered. With the Quad Lock case fitted, your phone remains slim and smooth, so it’s no problem to keep you phone always Quad Lock enabled.

Weatherproofing is taken care of by the Poncho, which is included in the Bike Kit. This clear cover pops over the top of the case and grips securely around the sides, keeping it out the rain. I’m confident that the snug fit keeps spray out as well, though it doesn’t protect the phone against a dunking. The touchscreen operates as normal through the Poncho.

Using the same interface on the phone case you can connect to an arm strap for running, a windscreen mount for use in the car, a tripod mount for photography and a belt clip.


Review by Simon Vincett

More info and to buy: quadlockcase.com.au

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  1. It would be very nice to have a phone mount that would enable to use the phone as an action cam.
    Does something like that exist already?

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