Review: Proviz Switch Jacket


Extremely visible, but a bit hot and heavy. Review by Peter Foot

The first thing I noticed about the jacket is how insanely reflective it is. Even in daylight it shimmers like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, and at night it lights you up like a Christmas decoration, reflecting even the dim ambient glow from street lights.proviz-switch-jacket-showing-reflection

The second thing I noticed was its weight. It’s the heaviest cycling-specific jacket that I’ve ever tried on. This is due to its double layered construction: on the opposite side to the reflective material is a fluorescent yellow so bright that it seems almost radioactive.

The idea is that you can adapt to the light conditions by wearing it ‘inside out’; at night you have the reflective side on the outside, and during the day you have the yellow. By this criteria it works very well – I can’t think of a garment that would be more visible in a variety of conditions than the Switch.

The big drawback is its weight and, therefore, breathability. This is made worse by the fact that it’s fully waterproof rather than merely water-resistant. I get pretty hot pretty quickly on my commute, and like I suspected that I would, I overheated easily in the Switch. I usually ended up taking it off and shoving it in my bag before I reached my destination. It does have pit zips to help with this, but there’s no getting around the fact that it’s a warm jacket.

The fit is pretty big and baggy, so consider choosing a size down when making a purchase. The materials are a nice quality but I wasn’t totally convinced by the stitching, it seemed a little light on in places. Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh, but it doesn’t have the sturdy feel of something like a Macpac jacket. Only time will tell how well it stands up to wear and tear.

If you want to increase your visibility and you ride at a relaxed pace, the Switch is a great choice. If you ride hard it’s less suitable – it’s warm and flappy, and there’s no chance of fitting it in a jersey pocket.

RRP: $189

For dealers visit:

Function: 36/40
Quality: 32/40
Price: 8/10
Appearance: 5/10

Overall: 83%

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