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Giles Graham reports on Bike Jam’s latest full moon ride.

Herman Ragan created the group ‘Bike Jam’ and has been organising monthly full moon rides for the last six years. This month’s ‘super moon’ and 37-degree start-to-the-Perth-summer ensured November 2016 was going to be a popular one.

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Video courtesy of Herman Ragan

Around 20 riders rolled into the Cultural Precinct to catch up with mates before mounting-up and embarking on the scenic ride. The super moon meant the bike paths were clogged with people taking photos, so after a quick re-route we cut through King’s Park and headed into the leafy ‘golden triangle’ (a colloquial term for Perth’s most affluent suburbs).

After climbing to the top of Mosman Park and appreciating the view and the breeze over the Swan River, we turned around and rolled back to the CBD for pizzas, beers and cold-water (lots of cold-water) at Alfred’s Pizzeria.

Herman’s Bike Jam is a social group for all riders on all bikes, creating ‘max-vibes’ and aiming to “connect people who want to do cool and fun stuff on bikes”.

Herman was born in Colombia and grew up in Canada before moving to Perth in ‘83. He wasn’t always an avid bicycle-rider, but after living in Amsterdam for 12 months his passion for life on two-wheels was awakened. Once he returned to Perth in 2004 he got to work creating and nurturing a social, inclusive and fun bike culture for all riders on all bikes.

Herman’s latest events can be found at:

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