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Local news

Bicycle path strategy abandoned

The plan to develop Melbourne’s recreational bike paths is in limbo, with Bicycle Network Victoria claiming the Baillieu government has abandoned it.

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Bike friendly course wobbles under O’Farrell

In NSW the O’Farrell government has downgraded the state’s bike riding target, having made little progress on bike-riding initiatives in its first 16 months in power.

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Melbourne encourages new bike commuters

Melbourne City Council aims to increase the number of bike commuters by 50% and hopes bikes will make up 15% of all CBD traffic by 2016.

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Riders see red over bike traffic lights

A new study into cycleway traffic lights used at intersections bisected by Sydney’s bike lanes indicates widespread confusion and disaffection among riders.

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International news

The Green Lane Project transforms American cities

Separated bike ways are a simple, inexpensive solution to get more people riding, with additional economic, health and environmental benefits.

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The argument for reducing speed limits: Britain vs  the Netherlands

What can be learned from the Danes to make thoroughfares between English villages  more bike friendly?

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The history and psychology of sharing the road

An American road user investigates the conflict he observes between drivers and riders to ask why it arose in the first place and how it might be resolved.

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Young Americans seek alternate transport

The last decade has seen a decline in car use among Americans aged 16-34. Consequently, the Government is being asked to revise its transportation policy to improve infrastructure for alternate forms of transport, including bikes, buses and trains.

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